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Why choose BoardBookit over ‘older’ players in the board portal sector? Because innovation is greater than invention. Implementing, running and maintaining your board portal shouldn’t be an element of stress. BoardBookit believes the best board portals alleviate frustration, not increase it. We’ve built the next generation of board portals to rival our clunky predecessors. 

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The BoardBookit Difference

Why choose a 7-year old board portal company over a 20-year old board portal company who is larger with more customers? Because innovation is greater than invention. Undoubtedly, our customers have heard of Diligent and BoardVantage. They are pioneers in the board portal space. But just like the cell phone was an amazing invention by Motorola, it wasn’t until Apple innovated and created the iPhone that the world was changed. 

BoardBookit’s age actually provides our customers with many benefits that legacy portals can’t provide because our technology is modern. We aren’t managing multiple versions with various modules. 

BoardBookit focuses on making your board portal solution as scalable as you may need it. We provide unlimited users, unlimited committees, unlimited usage to give you the ultimate flexibility. Competing board portals don’t operate under this model, so each new user requires tedious work to set up as well as an extra charge to your bill. 

 Better From the Code Up!

BoardBookit is hyperfocused on the engineering that goes into our SaaS product. Unlike older board portals, you’ll never hear the word “upgrade” with BoardBookit. Our customers are always on the most up to date version simply by logging in and always have access to every feature and enhancement without having to pick and choose modules. You can imagine the cost a company incurs to manage multiple versions – each bug, each upgrade, each new feature, requires intensive effort. We often hear, “I know Diligent has that feature, but we aren’t on the right version” or “BoardVantage knows this is a big issue, but they tell me I have to upgrade to the new version to fix it.” 

To get things rolling in the right direction, every BoardBookit customer is assigned a Customer Success Specialist to provide the resources you need to have a successful transition to BoardBookit.

We offer unlimited remote training to both adminstrators and board members. We want your portal experience to be user-friendly and turn-key, so we have created a product that requires minimal training. Even though we offer unlimited training, only 10% of our board members take us up on it. It’s just that easy.

Support is 24/7/365 and conducted by BoardBookit employees who intimately know our product. Our customers’ administrators and board members are never faced with phone queues or voicemails, but live employees that can help instantly. But the truth is, only 2% of our support calls occur after the hours of 8pm EST – because our platform is user-friendly and stable. 

BoardBookitstrives to constantly improve our board portal. When we update or add a feature, you never have to purchase a new module or upgrade. All of our newest features come standard and are updated automatically. You won’t experience an interruption in service or an increase in your bill.

Though we are not the oldest player in the board portal space, we are the fastest growing. Every month, Diligent and BoardVantage customers are moving to BoardBookit for its greater flexibility, scalability, breadth of platform and return on investment. They stay because of our reliability, ease of use,  unparalleled customer support and continuous improvement.

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  • Unlimited Users, Groups, and Committees

  • Unified Interface Across All Devices

  • Seamless Implementation: Free Data Migration Services and Dedicated Customer Success Specialist

  • Single Set of Code: All features, updates, and bug fixes automatically released with no interruption and at no additional charge.


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