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Real-Time Communication for Secure Board of Director Connection

A Single Platform with Essential Tools for Optimal Boardroom Collaboration

BoardBookit users can collaborate with private messages and live discussions on agenda items and documents during and in between board meetings. Eliminate the hassle of multiple apps and methods of communication. BoardBookit Messaging consolidates the boards’ communication needs into a single platform. 

BoardBookit secure messaging software facilitates directors’ meeting preparation and allows them to provide more valuable guidance to the organizations they serve. Secure communication and collaboration is the must-have requirement to power good governance in your organization.

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“ I have had a good experience with BoardBookit and customer support is great if needed. I can easily make changes to the materials and send/or not send a notification. Very user friendly. ”

Kara Meairs

Executive Assistant


Seamless, Secure Private Messaging for Board Members

BoardBookit Private Messaging consolidates all levels of communication within a single, secure application. Mitigate the risks involved with multiple methods of less secure communication.

  • Single App Experience
    Integrated Private Messaging allows users to utilize messaging directly within their board portal without downloading another app.

  • Secure, Encrypted Communication
    Private Messaging is loaded with the security features boards need to communicate securely – encryption, auto-purging, and more.

  • Messaging Options
    Easily stay connected with board members using instant private and group messaging options.

  • Purge Message Threads
    Set up automatic purging frequencies at an organization-wide level to ensure compliance with retention policies and minimize discoverability risks.

  • Permission Settings
    Rich permissions settings allow administrators to activate Private Messaging and manage settings such as auto-deletion, notifications, and document sharing.

Secure Discussion Software for Board Admins | BoardBookit Board Portal
Secure Discussion Software for Board Directors | BoardBookit Board Portal


Secure Collaboration Tools that Streamline Board Communication

BoardBookit Discussions enables real-time discussions and eliminates the security risks of communicating sensitive information through email. View and participate in discussions from any device inside and out of the boardroom with unparalleled ease.

  • Securely Manage Communication
    View, participate in, and delete collaboration sessions for effective information sharing in and out of the board room.

  • Activate Discussions
    Turn discussion functionality on and off when document collaboration is needed.

  • Purge Discussions
    Purge discussions when a collaboration session has ended or purge all discussions from BoardBookit.

  • Delete Comments
    Administrators have the ability to delete their own comments or other user’s comments from a secure discussion in BoardBookit.

  • Updated in Real-Time
    All collaboration sessions in Discussions are updated in real-time with no need to refresh or synchronize.

Discover More Industry-Leading Features

BoardBookit understands the importance of collaboration across boards of directors and the organizations they serve. That’s why we offer unlimited users, groups, and committees to our customers.

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