PowerLink Transforms Advisory Boards

PowerLink Transforms Advisory Boards with BoardBookit Board Portal Software

See How PowerLink Advisory Boards Moved to BoardBookit after Managing Board Business with Disconnected Tools

Founded in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1991, PowerLink is a unique and proven resource for advancing women-owned businesses. PowerLink advisors are business professionals who volunteer their time and expertise for two years. PowerLink Aadvisory board meetings are held quarterly and are facilitated by a professional board manager who works closely with the business owner to ensure successful outcomes.

This Case Study explores the positive transformation the BoardBookit board portal software had with Lee Ann Munger, the PowerLink Advisory Boards Executive Director.

In this Free Case Study, You will Learn:

Read about PowerLink’s success story in this BoardBookit Case Study.

  • The success of an Advisory Board’s use of BoardBookit board portal software

  • The challenges and security risks with communicating board materials through outdated technology and email

  • The limitations of online calendar tools and BoardBookit’s effective solution

  • Boardbookit’s seamless set-up and onboarding process

  • Boardbookit’s time saving functions such as agenda and board book creation and distribution, scheduling, and communication tools

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“ My new user experience with BoardBookit was remarkably uneventful. Our account was created in a few minutes, and I downloaded the app and started using it with no training – in fact, I hadn’t even seen a demonstration. I downloaded the app and started using it with no training at all. ”

Lee Ann Munger

PowerLink Advisory Boards Executive Director