BoardBookit Announces Enhanced Voting Technology

BoardBookit Voting empowers boards of directors, committees and governance professionals to give insight, grant consent & obtain approvals in a secure platform.

PITTSBURGH, PA – September 27, 2018 (EIN Presswire)BoardBookit, the leading board portal software, announced today enhanced Voting features. This highly anticipated release provides board administrators, board and committee directors, and other key corporate governance professionals an intuitive way to provide insight, grant consent, and approve important decisions directly in the BoardBookit platform.

BoardBookit Voting is a key tool for making board decisions both during and between board meetings. “Enhancing the voting capability into the BoardBookit platform is gratifying because the features were direct requests and collaborations with our customers,” said Jeanette Thomas, BoardBookit Chief Technology Officer. “We worked closely to understand unique voting scenarios for customers across industries so that BoardBookit Voting would be flexible enough to handle loan committees, simple polls, Unanimous Written Consent, or any other type of vote.”

BoardBookit electronic Voting Enhancements Include:

  • Open and Closed Ballots: All published voting ballots can be open for active voting or closed to voters.

  • Flexible Voting Ballot Options: Allow for 4 different types of ballot creation including checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes, and paragraph responses.

  • Set Voting Permissions: Admins have the ability to choose voting populations by individual, committee, or individuals within a committee.

  • Document Attachment: For votes that require documentation, admins have the ability to attach supporting documents to the ballot.

  • Adjustable Results Report: Admins have the ability to allow voting members to see results specifically by member, by count and/or percentage, or restrict members from viewing any results.

  • Search Capabilities: Archived ballots and results are easily accessible by searching for the ballot name.

“Voting procedures are critical to the success of any board of directors. With the evolution of technology, the ability for board and committee members to vote on key decisions remotely furthers the BoardBookit mission to provide cutting-edge tools for corporate governance professionals worldwide,” adds Jeanette Thomas.

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