The Definitive Guide for Diversifying Your Board Composition

Diversifying Board Composition | The Definitive Guide from BoardBookit

Diversifying board composition is a trending topic in the corporate governance community to facilitate building better boards of directors. This focus includes broadening board composition with diversity regarding gender, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. Specific knowledge skills and abilities also enhance a board’s ability to oversee the management of the composition.

Get key insights on diversifying board composition with a focus on gender diversity and increasing the percentage of independent directors who bring professional, operational, and industry-specific experience that would be beneficial to a board of directors as it undertakes its fiduciary duties.

In this Free Guide, Learn More About:

  • How Diversity Can Benefit an Organization

  • Succession Planning to Promote Board Diversity

  • How to Diversify Board Composition

  • The Value of Independent Directorships

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