Digital Surveys Continue to Streamline Boardroom Compliance for 2020

BoardBookit Surveys offers a simple and intuitive interface for board members to complete surveys while simultaneously providing robust management capabilities for administrators.

Perfect Uses for Surveys 

BoardBookit Surveys is a secure solution for streamlining board surveys, D&O questionnaires, complex board assessments, and improved governance. Fully integrated tools allow for easy survey creation and deployment, saving organizations time and money during the survey process.

“The BoardBookit Surveys not only allows for seamless creation of complex governance assessments including Surveys, but it also provides an easy experience for organizing compliance data,” says BoardBookit CEO, Marion Lewis. “Corporate secretaries and general counsel will find it easy to build questionnaires using multiple question and answer styles as well as legally eSigned documentation for reporting purposes.”

Customer Favorite Survey Features

Templates and Formatting Options

When creating questions in BoardBookit Surveys, admins have full flexibility with question options such as required, optional, and dependent. Answer styles are also fully comprehensive with options such as radio buttons, text boxes, rank order, multiple and limited selections, and tables for multiple row answers. Surveys technology provides the ability to create and manage a legal definitions list, which takes out the necessity for more paper documents to compile and sort through.

Surveys technology further simplifies the architecture of complex assessments. With multiple ways to create a new questionnaire, admins can start from scratch, an older version, or choose from one of the five templates, including a complex D&O template. Drag-and-drop technology allows for easy organization for all categories and questions.

Adding eSignatures

Our Surveys feature allows admins to add a legally binding eSignature to the end of any questionnaire. This is perfect for completing conflict of interest documents, or any other survey format an organization needs. 

Completion Dates and Notifications

Chasing down signatures and complete surveys from individual members can be such a hassle. This digital survey tool allows administrative staff to set completion dates for surveys and manage notifications or reminders. These robust admin capabilities make tracking, recording, and organizing surveys seamless. 


Security is always at the forefront of BoardBookit’s functionality, and our Surveys feature isn’t an exception. Manage permissions for other admins for editing and viewing rights. Admins also have the ability to view and change answers and reject questionnaires that are incomplete or incorrect. This way, board administrators can ensure all cloud Surveys are completed thoroughly before sending them off to the legal team.

Ease of Use for Board Members

BoardBookit Surveys provides a user-friendly experience to board members for digital assessments. Board members can monitor their progress through the survey with the split-screen view for easy navigation. Users can move seamlessly across any supported devices by saving their current location in the survey, exit, and return for completion at another time. This intuitive experience allows board members to connect with their surveys from wherever they are.

BoardBookit Surveys

BoardBookit Surveys is transforming the boardroom assessment technology experience for board members, executives, and shareholders. A once an arduous, time consuming, and redundant task has become intuitive, easy, and organized. The secure access and export of assessments provide an organized solution for board administrators, corporate secretaries, and general counsel. Implementing a fully integrated solution for assessments is a change that can save time and money for every stakeholder in an organization.

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