BoardBookit Offers Two-Factor Authentication to Minimize Security Risk

PITTSBURGH, PA – October 4, 2017 (EIN Presswire)BoardBookit, Inc. announced today that it has released another component to its robust set of security features, two-factor authentication. For companies in highly regulated industries or those storing sensitive information, offering two-factor authentication provides one more way to minimize the risk of a security breach. This customizable feature allows organizations to:

Increase Security – Add another layer of security beyond the password.

Reduce Risk of Data Theft – Deter potential hackers by making it difficult for them to access important information.

Increase Flexibility and Productivity – Improve the experience of the director by allowing them secure access to materials while on the go, on various devices.

“The information our customers choose to store on BoardBookit is sensitive and critical to their businesses. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly and are always exploring new ways to further mitigate risk and provide extra layers of security,” says BoardBookIt CEO, Marion Lewis. “Two-factor authentication makes for an excellent addition to the security options and stringent protocols already included in BoardBookit.”

The addition of two-factor authentication to the BoardBookit board portal is one more way BoardBookit strives to fulfill its mission of providing a secure method for companies to communicate with their boards while helping board directors to be better informed and able to provide more valuable guidance.

About BoardBookit

BoardBookit is the board portal solution that perfectly blends security, functionality, optimal user experience and affordability. Fast, intuitive and flexible, BoardBookit gives companies the control they require and support when they need it. Designed with input from corporate secretaries, administrators and board members to enhance board engagement, effectiveness and governance, BoardBookit is used by companies across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. For more information, please visit

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