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Successful business leaders know the importance of giving back and the critical impact of providing external guidance to a company. That’s why board members choose to serve on a board. Though board positions are important they are just one of many priorities. BoardBookit board of directors software provides a truly mobile solution that allows board members to access board materials when and where it is most convenient. Watch the Board of Directors Software video to learn more about BoardBookit board management software and how it can benefit you.

Changing the Board Portal Landscape

With our Apple, Android, Amazon, and web apps, BoardBookit users can access the board portal from any device to read, annotate, and sign documents. This quick and easy access means users can open and read materials anywhere and anytime they have a few extra minutes to make notes in preparation for meetings. Members can then view their list of those notes during calls and meetings to make sure all questions, concerns, and comments are addressed.

BoardBookit is more than an electronic way to read and view meeting materials. BoardBookit is a way to streamline and house all board activities, even managing calendars. Board members can eliminate cumbersome email threads, and manual calendar entries by providing feedback on their availability for ad hoc calls and meetings. Users can also RSVP to meetings easily from the BoardBookit app and sync from the invite directly to their personal calendar.

Providing Valuable Guidance

Make informed decisions by using BoardBookit to reference important documents such as by-laws, policies, and strategic vision statements. After all, decisions should not be made in a chaotic informational archive, which often happens when disparate emails and other outdated technology is integrated. BoardBookit even has electronic signature capabilities integrated into all of its apps to allow the simplicity of online approval.

BoardBookit helps board members to provide even more valuable guidance to the boards they serve. Schedule a demo or download a free trial and get started streamlining your board today.

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