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Board of Directors Portal Scalability

When creating a successful application in a world where technology rapidly evolves, scalability is essential for board and committee members. Scalability is also a hallmark of the BoardBookit innovative board of directors portal that is used by companies worldwide to enhance board engagement and streamline board governance. Concepta defines scalability as a system “that doesn’t need to be redesigned to maintain effective performance during or after a steep increase in workload.” Concepta goes on to describe this workload as “simultaneous users, storage capacity, the maximum number of transactions handled, or anything else that pushes the system past its original capacity.”

When BoardBookit created their board of directors portal, scalability was at the foundation of its code with building blocks consisting of unlimited users, cloud-based storage, and full-featured applications for every device. Concepta says one of the principles to scalability in software design is usage, “there shouldn’t be any artificial limits on usage; increasing it should be as simple as making more resources available to the software.” The BoardBookit scalable application doesn’t limit boards of directors by charging to add users, groups, and committees because BoardBookit board of directors portal is able to grow with the organizations it serves. Quora reports, “this scalability essentially gives you the cost function on growing the customer base.” Our customers are permitted to seamlessly grow their board governance base and document storage in the safe, secure environment of the cloud. Concepta states the second principle of scalable software is maximum stored data because “this kind of content could rise dramatically and unexpectedly.” The BoardBookit common document library allows for multiple file type uploads, which also promotes organization and the ease of a paperless boardroom.

The Push for Paperless

Scalability also encompasses the push to move to paperless board meeting practices across both businesses and boards of directors, which is essential to increasing productivity, collaboration, and accessibility. IBM Systems Magazine says, “paperless app solutions can extend beyond the initial application to other departments, which each have unique indexing and functional requirements.” By incorporating scalable board of directors portal software to ease the paperless transition, the right document or data source is available to view or share in seconds with board administration, members, executives, investors, and the general counsel. Beyond corporate governance access, many companies use BoardBookit to other areas of their organizations allowing them to achieve an even greater and faster ROI. reports, “this ease of access greatly improves efficiency in a variety of contexts, such as approval workflows. And mobile, tablet or offline access translates into speed and agility.” BoardBookit board of directors portal applications are full-featured for every device including mobile, tablet, and web browser to ensure information is available anytime and anywhere.

Scalable capabilities such as viewing documents offline and e-signatures are also important. IBM Systems says paperless software solutions “provide authorized access for remote users over the web or from a mobile device…e-signature solutions are also rapidly replacing wet signatures on documents for point of entry capture.” BoardBookit board of directors portal offers both offline viewing and annotating of documents and e-signatures. Security is also a consideration for going paperless with board portal software. Forbes says, “digital documents can be protected remotely via the cloud or an off-site hard drive.” BoardBookit stores its documents in a secure cloud with redundant managed firewalls, SSAE-18 certification, two-factor authentication.

The Future of Scalable Applications

By 2021, global app downloads are anticipated to spike to 352 billion. Clearbridge Mobile says, “apps are habitual for most people, but very few are aware of the architecture in place underneath the surface of their favorite applications.” The importance of scalable apps will take precedence in development for the future. In the coming years, scalability will expand to AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Strategy + Business says, “smart devices, including the smartphone, will be the vehicle through which AI will have the greatest effect on the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industry.” This means that devices and applications will learn their users’ behaviors and become far more voice activated. Strategy + Business continues, “increasingly voice-activated and conversational, they will apply AI to anticipate human activity and support it autonomously.” At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month, the company revealed its plan to incorporate AI into its app store development. AI learning models are also used by Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. The use of Blockchain technology for proxy voting by boards of directors is also becoming increasingly popular. As AI and other scalable options begin to take over application development, board management software companies should continue to change, innovate, and evolve with technology trends.

The BoardBookit board of directors portal team of usability experts and engineers are committed to growing our board portal to continuously suit the needs of boards for the future. Quora says, “scalability is the litmus test on whether a system will stand the test of time.” When choosing a board management software solution, scalability is key to investment. Concepta concludes, “businesses can continue using the same software for longer because it was designed to grow along with them.” BoardBookit built its board of directors portal on a scalable infrastructure designed to expand and evolve with every company who utilizes its intuitive interface.

BoardBookit board of directors portal innovates and will stand the test of time as your company expands and evolves. Start a conversation with us to learn more about the scalable BoardBookit board of directors portal software and how we can help your company, board of directors, advisors, investors, and shareholders grow.

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